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List of Faces Code.. (EP Face codes only)

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List of Faces Code.. (EP Face codes only)

Post by Epic Chaos on Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:59 am

For Boys

sapphire male eyes /SME
Unbelievable Male /UM
Action Idol /AL
Lovely Shy Face Male /LSF
Brown Eyes /=)(
Pinochio /PFF
Blush /=}
Gloomy Face /`_`
Lolo Face /LL
Ocean Deep /=-@>
Funny Looking Face /FLF
Wailing Face /WLF
Almost Shy look /good
Animated Puppy Smile />=~(
Argh Angry Face /AF
Awkward Face /EEH
Bismark's Poker Face /errrr
Cant sleep face /CSF
Crazy Pace Face /CP
Embarassed Look />=<
Freckled Cheek Look /oh
Goth Emo Face /EMO
Mad Astig Face /Astig
Naive Look /NVE
Pathetic Crying Face /WAAH
Pouty Face /=~()
Sharp Singkit Look /shar
Super Happy Face /HF
Thick Eyebrows /TE
Toothy Gloomy Face /Nyoo1
Eye Grin />>=P
Aldrin suplado look /hmp
Angel Ear /(^^)
Anger Guy /HAHA
Angry Smile /BS
Angry Worried /Char
Ashamed /HMP
Astonished /Oooh
Aww Look /S_S
Ball Masquerade /=C
Bleh Face /bleh
Boy In Love /=B
Boy Tear /=O
Cat Grin /CG
Cheeky Blush /<^_^>
Chibi Boy /=~O
Chong />>=X
Chummy Boy Face /chm
Cold Hoho Face /chf
Complain Cry Face /HUHU
Cute Colbalt Eye /=]
Cute Evil Grin /CEG
Cute Smile Face /LALA
Cute Wink Boy /wink
Dude Face /har2
Ernies No Suprise /nonsense
Evil Boy Plan /heehee
Evil Ears /&_&
Evil Grin /@_@
Flaming Boy Eyes /yarr
Friendly Face /pln
Gaaaa Face /Gaa
Glass Disguise Face /nose
Gloomy Face /nausea
Glowing Face /Expectaion
Shy Happy Face /Nyaha
Hazel Eyes /@>
Hey Alien /=~<
Impressive Full Face /IFC
Innocence Crazy />=P
Irritated Boy />.<
Kiddie Boy Pout /kid
Kiddie Pout /Pfft
Kissie Face /Kind
Laughter Moking /LM
Luffy Face /O.O
Rabbit Face /=.>
Manong Face /=|
Mats Grin /Huh
Monk /nope
Mukha Asim /=D
Pup Eyes /cry
Puzzled /Puzz
Radis Skepticism /i_i
Ricos Pout Lips /pout
Robo Face /=-B
Secret Face /scf
Sheesh Face /shsh
Shy Face />=l
Spark Sweet /cham
Straight Look /GS
Stressed Out /@.@
Sunget Face /=_=
Sunny Face /Sun
Super Happy Grin /GR
Suprise Face /=~C
Sweaty Boy /=8
Tiger Look /%_%
Tipsy Drunkard /=)( or /=X
Unconserned /=K
Weeping Face /Weep
Wonder Eyes /shy
Wunny Face /kinda
OMG Face /!_!
Surprised /!.!
Happy Clown /CLW
Stephans Face /Stephans's Face
Freddies Face /Freddie's Face
Scaredy Jack /Jack's Face

For Girls
Sapphire Female Eyes /SFE
Unbelievable Female /UF
Teary-blush Eyes /TBE
Hazel Eyes /=~@
Pinochio Freckled Face /PPF
Clear Sky /=|
Humble Me /~_~
Humble Me (2nd) /==(
Lola Face /LA
Funny Looking Face /FLF
Lovely Shy Face /LSF
Wailing Face /WLF
Agnes Suplada Look /hmp
Animated Puppy Smile /<=E
Awkward Face /EEH
Cant Sleep Face /CSF
Crazy Pace Face /CP
Embarassed Look /<=P
Female Foxs Mask /FOX
Freckled Cheek Girl /oh
Girl Toothy Gloomy Face /Nyoo
Glass Disguise Face /nose
Goth Loli Face /EMO
Man Caught Face /MC
Pathetic Crying Face /WAAH
Pouty Face />=E
Relaxing Face /wan
Serious Annoyed Look /SER
Shy Blush Look /shub
Shy! Face Look /aww
Super Happy Face /HF
Surprised Female /HMP
Taray Singkit Look /shap
Rawr Scary Face /RSF
Aeriths Sweet Face /cham
Angel Wings Ear /@_@
Angel Gal /hehe
Ashi Face /=>
Astonished Face /Oooh
Awe Look /nah
Bleh Face /bleh
Blushy Tipsy />_*
Bright Face /BF
Cat Grin /CG
Chang Face /B)
Cheeky Smile /^_*
Chibi Girl />_>
Chibi Puppy Eyes /=~(
Chinky Girl />_O
Chummy Girl Face /chm
Clueless />=X
Cold Hoho Face /chf
Complain Cry Face /HUHU
Crazy Innocence /8)
Cute Evil Grin /CEG
Cute Smile Face /LALA
Cute Wink Girl /wink
Cutie Blue /deep
Demure Shy Blush /Nyaha
Doll Face /=}
Dweh Face /(^_^)
Evil Alien /^O^
Evil Plan Gleam /heehee
Evil Ear Wing /*_*
Faiths Oh No Face /nonsense
Feifei Smile /glance
Female Kiss Me /MK
Female Rabbit Teeth /=~8
Flaming Eyes /yarr
Friendly Smile /^_~
Funny All Face /smile
Gaaaah Face /Gaa
Girl In Love Face /=S
Girl Tears Face />.<
Glittery Face /Expectation
Impressive Full Face /IFC
Irritated Girl />=l
Kawaii J Look /hai
Kiddie Pout Lollipop /kid
Kiddie Pout /Pfft
Kissie Face /LOLL
Laughter Mocking Face /LM
Lime Green Eyes /Pure
Monk Face /o.0
Mukha Asim Girl Face />%
Nami Face /0.o
OMG Look /#>
Puppy Eyes /FG
Puzzled Look /FTF
Robo Girl /=~S
Secret Face /scf
Serious Red /=%
Sheesh Face /shsh
Shy Face /#_#
Sunny Face /Sun
Super Happy Grin /GR
Surprise!! /=)(
Sweaty Girl /=~9
Teary Blue Eyes /BE
The Pepper Look /#__#
Violet Eyes />_<
Weeping Look /Weep
Worried Angry /FB
Worried Girl /heh
Wunny Face /lool
Yens Pouting Lips /pout
Yo Alien Face /=9
gail skepticism /JU
quty grin JA
Happy Harlequin /HAR
Ellainas Bloody Vampire /Ellaina's Face
Freddinas Scray Face /Freddina's Face
Scaredy Sally /Sally's Face

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Re: List of Faces Code.. (EP Face codes only)

Post by yoursqoh on Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:49 am


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