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VIP Resellers.

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VIP Resellers.

Post by Epic Chaos on Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:53 am

Strictly no editing of this document. Anyone who seen editing this doc will be kicked out from the group. Thanks

VIP Voucher codes are now available for those who want to sell it to other players who don't have capacity to purchase VIP via LBC/Bank Deposit.

P100 = 8 pieces of 20 hours usage
P200 = 15 pieces of 20 hours usage
P300 = 10 pieces of 60 hours usage
P500 = 20 pieces of 60 hours usage

For LBC Remittance:
Visit any LBC Branch nationwide and fill up their remittance form.
Information Needed: My Full Name and Address. You can get it by contacting the admins, or by sending me a text message at 0917-902-5010.
For BPI Savings Bank Deposit:
Visit any Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Bank branch nationwide and fill-up the deposit form.
Information Needed: My Full Name and Account Number.You can get it by contacting the admins, or by sending me a text message at 0917-902-5010.

After sending the payment, send a text/e-mail containing the following information:

Purchase of Voucher Codes for Reselling
Complete Tracking Number/Transaction Code
Amount Sent
Your Full Name (If LBC Method)
Your Complete Address (If LBC Method)
Picture of the Recipt, if applicable (For faster activation)

Send the e-mail/text to: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]/0917-902-5010
You can also send the information to our admins for faster response. Activation will be from 4 hours to 48 hours.

A few Reminders:

Voucher codes will have no expiry.
You have the choice on whatever method you want to sell the Voucher Codes.
For re-sellers who had sold more than P1000 worth of Voucher Codes, you will earn FREE INDEFINITE VIP for one account only.

For questions, you can send me, or any admins a message.

We are Accepting Payment GarenaShells etc



Press "+" and Thanks

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